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7 Features That a Website Must Have in 2019

Without a doubt, a website is the only platform through which you can be connected with both the global and the local audience. The elements in your website are your spokesperson, delivering the message that you want to deliver. A clear navigation system and proper contact information symbolize that you care for the user experience.

Each feature of your website indicates something, and that’s the reason why you need to ensure that these features remain intact and optimum in its level to draw the maximum target audience.

In 2019, a survey has shown that most of the websites have certain features in common which are helping them to rank higher in the search engine. So, let’s have a look at those features which should be there in your website.

7 Must Have Features of a Website

Mobile Responsiveness

Most of the web designing companies has made sure to adapt their designed websites to mobile devices, thanks to the increasing number of mobile users. Reports have shown that about 75% of the traffic is coming from the mobiles, and that’s the reason the website should be compatible to be used on the device.

A Clear Navigation System

Can you visit an unknown place without a properly prepared map? It is indeed a tough task. Well, that’s the reason why you need to ensure that your website has proper navigation control over all the web pages you are including.

Logical names of the pages, easy scrolling options, proper link insertions, and so on are some of the things you need to make sure are there on your website.

Well-Organized Information

Well, for this part, you certainly need a long discussion with the web designing company whom you have hired. If the information isn’t properly distributed on the website, your audience won’t be able to find the relevant things they need to avail your service.

This is the reason why you should maintain proper information architecture, giving just what your audience needs.

Easy to Understand and Engaging Content

Whatever contents you attempt to include in the website and the pages should be comprehensive. You need to keep in mind that your users belong to every age category and that’s the reason why readability must be reached out properly.

Also, the content shouldn’t be flat and boring. Even if you are dealing with formal contents, maintain the tone and make them engaging.

Fast Loading Time

When a web designer is designing the website, one main feature that needs to be included is the fast loading time. Unless your webpage will load faster, you won’t be able to make a reliable impression on your audience because, in this era, we are running out of patience.

Contrasting Colour Palette

To make the websites visually more appealing, most of the web-designing companies are getting inclined towards a bold colour palette. Apart from the monochrome designs, designers are now including contrasting colours and even gradients to make the website look sharp and luring.

Social Media Incorporation

Another important thing that you need to ensure is the incorporation of social media links on your website. This will make your website accessible through numerous social media platforms, thus boosting the conversion rate and performance.