Security is always the first priority and choosing best gadgets for security need lots of carefulness. There are different types of surveillance camera available in the market all you need to recognize the essential features according to your need.

Following are some Essential features that you should notice when choosing surveillance camera for inside home or office:

  1. Design: Where will you place your camera and for what purpose? If your intention is to go unnoticed, choose a color that is camouflaged with the wall, ceiling or furniture of the room. Dome cameras, as a rule, tend to be more discreet.
  1. Lens: resolution and focal aperture: The brightness and resolution of the camera lens will determine the quality of your recordings. For domestic uses, with an HD resolution (720p) is sufficient. Is security at stake? If you need the security camera for office India or large areas? It is convenient that go for high. With a Full HD resolution (1080p), you can enlarge the image with less loss of sharpness and thus see all the details of the recording correctly.
  1. Sensors: Need Movement, sound or both? If you are going to control people or animals, you will need that the surveillance camera you choose has, at least, movement sensors. Will you use it as a baby monitor? Then, the sound sensor is essential to detect your child’s crying. For example, surveillance camera for inside home identifies specific sounds and has a specific function to detect the cry of a baby. It is also sensitive to movement and can follow him. This feature is ideal to monitor the actions of your pets or take care of children and the elderly while you are not present.
  1. Audio: Another important point to notice with those who are on the other side of the camera they just want listen to what is happening. Almost all cameras on the market have integrated microphone and speaker. Of course, keep in mind that they usually work as a walkie-talkie and will not allow you to listen and talk at the same time.
  1. Vision angle: Are you going to place the camera at a fixed point and only want to record in a specific area? You will not need a surveillance camera with a rotating lens. With one that can be adjusted manually will suffice. However, if you want to control the movement of people or animals, as we mentioned before, get yourself a camera that rotates vertically and horizontally. This is interesting to record large spaces and not find blind spots that weaken security. In these cases, another option is a fixed camera, but with a wide-angle or panoramic lens. You will not depend so much on the camera’s turn and you can review the situation at a glance. Try, finally, to place the camera in a clear area away from bulky objects that may interfere with the vision (such as furniture, beams, etc.). The best situation, generally, is usually in a corner of the roof opposite the entrance like door, window and gate.