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Gadgets - December 11, 2019

Best Gear for Professional Photographers in 2020

best gear for professional photographers

Check out our picks for the best gear for professional photographers 2020. Well, New Year’s eve is not far away, and if you are a professional photographer and still looking for the best gadget for yourself or want to gift something to your loved one, below is a list of what you are looking for.

Each year, when we take on the task of selecting the best photographic gear of the year, we always become rather reflective, thinking about what’s been introduced in a given year, how those products have affected photographers, videographers and content creators, and if they have offered something unique and interesting.

For most of the process of making our picks, we generally try to determine what cameras, lenses, accessories, software, computer hardware, mobile apps, and other services caught our attention and, we hope, might actually last.

But we also have another, more hidden agenda. In some cases, we are looking to see if the technology on some of these products might result in a paradigm shift or a distinct change in how photographers capture images.

So, wait no further, check out the list below.

Best New Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

Sony A7R IV

There was a palpable buzz when this new Sony camera hit the market. Why all the excitement? For starters, it was the first 35MM full-frame camera that had a 61-megapixel image sensor, which makes you second guess if they meant it to be a medium format camera. However, what tipped the scales is its real-time eye AF, which in this camera worked for both still photos and video and gave the camera an artificial intelligence like quality. But there were other impressive specs, too: burst modes of 10 frames per second, including autofocus and auto-exposure tracking, 567 phase-detection F points, the ability to shoot 4K video recording, a 5.76 million dot viewfinder and its five-axis in body images stabilization (IBIS).

Best New Travel Case

Think Tank Photo Airport Advantage XT Rolling Camera Case

This lightweight but sturdy roller case from Think Tank was designed to enable traveling photographers to carry the most gear possible on a plane, which is no small feat in this era of new, more restrictive international airline requirements. The Airport Advantage XT Rolling Camera Case allows you to carry two gripped DSLR camera bodies and several lenses inside as well as a 10-inch tablet and up to a 17-inch laptop in the front pocket.


Canon EOS 90D

Although in the full-frame camera system market, mirrorless camera bodies dominate, for interchangeable-lens cameras with smaller-sized sensors, such as APS-C-sized sensors, the models that dominate are still DLSRs. In fact, according to data quoted by Canon from the NPD Group (from January 2018 to June 2019), DSLRs make up 71 percent of this market. This is one of the reasons Canon decided to make the new EOS 90D DSLR – there’s still a need for a powerful workhorse like this camera. It shares many tech specs in common with the Canon EOS M6 Mark II compact mirrorless camera, which came out at the same time, a 32.5 megapixel CMOS (APS-C-sized) image sensor, the ability to record 4K UHD (up to 30p) and 1080p FHD up to 120p video with no crop, Dual-Pixel CMOS AF in Live View, with 5,481 manually selectable AF positions and an electronic shutter that can capture 1/16,000 sec. It also has a very nice 3.0-inch vari-angle touchscreen LCD and does a great job firing off 10 frames per second, in burst mode.

Best Fluid Heads for Video

Manfrotto Nitrotech 608 and 612

Filmmakers and cinematographers had some powerful accessories to choose from this year. One of the more notable was Manfrotto’s new Nitrotech 608 and 612 fluid heads for video, which have intuitive controls for continuous counterbalance (for constant control despite the tilt degrees) and a fluid drag system control.

Best Camera Bag

Tenba DNA Series Messenger Bag

The Tenba DNA series of messenger-style camera bags are available in a variety of sizes from 8 to 15 inches in width. But each provides you with an unobtrusive, low profile look that doesn’t give away the fact that you might be carrying around expensive gear. But these bags also come loaded with features, including Tenba’s signature Whisper Hook closure, for virtually silent opening, Fidlock magnetic clips to further secure the front flap, a quick-access top zipper that allows you to swap out cameras and lenses on the go, and a body warmer base panel underneath.

Best Memory Card

Sandisk Extreme 1TB UHS-I SD Card

For those who shoot a lot of videos of just never offload images from their memory card, this SanDisk memory card might be ideal, since it provides ample capacity for images or video or both.

Best Charger

Celestron Elements Thermocharge 3

Celestron makes this rechargeable hand warmer with a portable power bank, letting you keep warm while you quickly charge one of your devices. The hand warmer and charging functions even work simultaneously.

Best External Flash for Photographers

Profoto A1X

The company made some smart updates on this new flash from the previous A1. For example, it increased battery power for longer shooting times and quicker recycle times. It also increased the number of wireless channels. All in all, the new A1X is a great flash for anyone shooting with Nikon Canon and now Sony.

Best Cinema Lighting System

Westcott Flex Cine System

One of the qualities that make this such a powerful system in that all the various size flexible mats, which are covered with small LED lights, can go where many other lights can’t go. The mats are de singed with a 1/3-inch pliable surface that can be tucked into tight space, mounted virtually anywhere and offer up to a 360-degree beam angle. And weighing in at less than 3 lbs, as it is also lightweight.

We hope that you liked our collection of the best gear for professional photographers in 2019. Please share your views by using the comments section below.

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