Why D-Link Router Not working & How to Troubleshoot it

Understanding the signs about when you need to Dlink your router and troubleshoot it before that one needs to understand what exactly this device is and what you should know before you Dlink your router.   A router is a device that specially designed to receive signals and also move the incoming server signals to other […]


Factors to Consider When Buying a New Turntable

What is Turntable? A turntable is used to play, scratch, and mix music in entertainment industries or home use. They were popular discs for country music and those songs recorded in yesteryears when the digital record was not in existence. It’ll be interesting to use a table turner to entertain yourselves with those oldies. The […]

best gear for professional photographers

Best Gear for Professional Photographers in 2020

Check out our picks for the best gear for professional photographers 2020. Well, New Year’s eve is not far away, and if you are a professional photographer and still looking for the best gadget for yourself or want to gift something to your loved one, below is a list of what you are looking for. […]