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Interview Questions - December 16, 2019

DBMS Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers and Experienced

DBMS Interview Questions and Answers

DBMS Interview Questions & Answers

DBMS interview questions? In the event that not, at that point dive into some specialized bits of knowledge for DBMS. Database management has turned out to be well known like never before. A lot of legitimately masterminded information for a particular intention is generally known as Database. A gathering of projects, which can be utilized to make and keep up a database is known as Database Management System or DBMS. It is essentially a methodical method for executing an order with information.

On the off chance that one is through with the fundamentals, a large portion of the fight is won. The more the information regarding the matter, the simpler will it be to break the DBMS interview questions. There is a huge rundown of the poll accessible on Google to enable you to pick up certainty before attending the interview.

DBMS interview questions

1. What is DBMS?
2. what are the importance of partitioning in DBMS ?
3. What are different cursor types in DBMS ?
4. State some commands of DDL in DBMS ?
5. Mention some advantages of using DBMS.
6. Enlist various types of interactions created by DBMS ?
7. Write down the differences between NoSQL and RDBMS?
8. Define DML and DCL statements?
9. What is database normalization? Explain types of it.
10. What are the features of Database language?
11. What are different relationships existing in database?
12. Enlist the types of cursor?
13. List few restrictions that are imposed while creating views?
14. What is join? Mention its types.
15. How index hunting contributes in improving the query performance?
1. Mention some disadvantages of query?
2. List few ways to code transactions in an efficient manner?
3. Differentiate between Nested loop, Hash loop and Merge Join.
4. Define Atomicity and Aggregation.
5. Enlist various transaction phases.
6. How many types of database language exist?
7. List few disadvantages of File processing system.
8. What is data independence?

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