MVC Interview Questions & Answers

ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers and Experienced

Dear aspirants, these ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions and answers are listed here to get you familiar with the idea of questions you may face during your interview for the job of ASP.NET MVC developer. According to my experience, great questioners scarcely plan to pose a specific question during your meeting, regularly questions begin with some essential idea of the subject and later they proceed with dependent on further talk and what you answer.

To respond to inquiries in any meeting you ought to have a comprehension of essential concepts. If you know about fundamentals then you will think that it is simpler to answer the question during your interview session.

ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions

What is ASP.NET MVC?
What are the advantages of MVC?
What are the main differences between ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET MVC?
What is Routing in MVC?
What are Action Methods?
What is ActionResult?
What are Filters?
How do you generate hyperlink?
What is OutputCaching in MVC?
What is Area?
What is Model Binding?
Which assembly contains the ASP.NET MVC classes and interfaces?
What is MVC Scaffolding?
What are the new features of MVC 5?
What is attribute routing in MVC?
How does the ‘page lifecycle’ of ASP.Net MVC works?
Explain the advantages of ASP.Net MVC over ASP.NET?
What is Separation of Concerns in ASP.NET ASP.Net MVC?
How to enable Attribute Routing?
What is Attribute Routing in ASP.Net MVC?
Explain TempData in ASP.Net MVC?
What are HTML Helpers in ASP.Net MVC?
What are AJAX Helpers in ASP.Net MVC?
What is Layout in ASP.Net MVC?
Explain Sections is ASP.Net MVC?
What are Non Action methods in ASP.Net MVC?
How to change the action name in ASP.Net MVC?
Why to use Html.Partial in ASP.Net MVC?
How we can add the CSS in ASP.Net MVC?
What is the use .Glimpse in ASP.Net MVC?
What are child actions in ASP.Net MVC?
What is Output Caching in MVC?
Explain the need of display mode in MVC?
What is Default Route in MVC?