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Technology - December 11, 2019

Factors to Consider When Buying a New Turntable


What is Turntable?

A turntable is used to play, scratch, and mix music in entertainment industries or home use. They were popular discs for country music and those songs recorded in yesteryears when the digital record was not in existence. It’ll be interesting to use a table turner to entertain yourselves with those oldies. The fundamental workings have changed.

A turntable doesn’t have a built-in amplifier, so you must connect to the stereo. It has a weak output signal to drive the speakers. Unlike the record player, it doesn’t have a phono preamp or a cartridge on its tonearm. It generates a small voltage as the needle traces the groove on the recorded album. The music signal must need proper utilization and amplified before it can play through the receiver. The phono preamp boosts this signal.

When picking a turntable, these are the factors to consider:

Budget, how much do you intend to spend on this item?

In the modern world, songs are in small devices that can handle volumes and volumes of music in one compact disc. However, to some people, there is a feeling that analog music is original compared to digital format.

Recording equipment falls in two classifications vinyl, and digital media with a vinyl mix that’s closer to the original music played in the studio. A turntable is necessary to convert into the vinyl revolution.


It’s essential to understand how the turntable functions to pick the one that’s convenient and which will satisfy your needs. Turntables come in two designs;

Automatic Drive system

The automatic drive system plays several records in a row. The user will stack multiple records onto the tall central spindle, and the turntable automatically drops the next record onto the platter after finishing playing the previous one.

A single record would take 20 -25 minutes on each side. By piling four records would mean conveniently enjoying music for one hour uninterrupted. It requires a record changer’s drive system with a lot of torque to enable it to spin at the correct speed. The high torque drive system is known as the idler wheel or rim drive.

Belt drive

This drive doesn’t allow stacking of records meaning the turntable has a capacity of spinning one record at a time. Staking of records and dropping records on top of each other may cause damage to delicate grooves.

Most record users opt for a system that would allow the use of one record at a time. Belt drive turntable uses a rubber belt that stretches from the motor around on the underside of the platter, which spins the platter.

These types of turntables are quitter than the idler wheel unites, which vibrate and distorts the quality of sound. However, there is danger of the belt stretching over time and slipping, which affects the platter speed.


A turntable starting cost is around 100 dollars. You can buy a cheap turntable under $200. This is good for a beginner who is not envious of spending too much on a trial. 

The range price goes between 50 – 20,000 dollars. Cheaper ones are hard on the records and can easily cause wear and tear.

It’s important to think about quality rather than buying a turntable today, and in a few months, demand for its replacement is inevitable.

Quality sound

Vinyl records produce clear, warm, and high-quality analog sound. HiFi systems are still popular with some people whose real music is one from an expensive HiFi stereo.

A high-end stereo produces deeper and tighter bass and would involve music listening experience as compared to entry-level stereo. No need to overstretch your budget when spending less can enable you to get a stereo that would produce high-quality sound.


DJ professional turntables are different from those designed for home use. A home use turntable comes with reduced noise, optimized tracking, and music fidelity.

Professional turntables are robust, long-lasting, and high turning power. The stylus in both types is quite different. Professionals cannot use a home listening turntable as they lack the power or torque.

Portability & Aesthetics

Turntables come in different styles. Just like the selection of other personal items, it’s important to choose the style and shade which aligns with an individual’s preferences.

A turntable hooks to the external speakers. It isn’t convenient when it comes to moving it around. The record player is portable and is suitable, considering it has inbuilt speakers.

Turntable versus record player

Weigh-in between the turntable or record player taking into account the turntable requires other accessories like speakers.

Playing music from vinyl records is possible with a record player, which is all in one device and needs no other components. The speakers in record players are small and may not produce the best volume of sound. It’s known to scratch the grooves since their tracking force is high. It’s cheaper but may not deliver the quality sound desired.

New or second hand

Turntables have been in existence for long and were popular in yesteryears. There is no much difference between those made in the 70s and the modern-day ones. Functions are similar. It’s possible to get a used turntable which can play good music.

Why spend too much on purchasing a new turntable when you can buy a used one at 50% and which will function the same way. Ensure it has spares available in the market, and it’s in good working condition. Establish its age enquiring from the previous owner before concluding the deal. Has it tested before you spend money?


How famous is the brand? It’s possible to know its popularity from the customers’ reviews.

The higher the rating guarantees its popularity while low rating means it’s not popular or it’s new in the market. It could be complicated to operate, or its quality is wanting.

Tracking Force

There are claims that cheap record players and turntables are hard on records. This hardness destroys the record through scratching of the grooves, which results in poor sound quality.

The scratching affects the needle causing sticking when the record is playing. The tracking force should be adjustable. Research more to arrive at the best turntable to suit your needs.


The quality of the turntable should match with the stereo and other components. Where there is an existing stereo set up at home, make sure it’s compatible with the new turntable you are about to purchase.

It’s awkward to buy a high-end category turntable only to buy low-cost speakers who will underperform. Consider a 50% price of the speaker and a 25% price of the amplifier. Feel the pride of achieving the quality matching the price and get the value of money. Have a balanced HiFi set up.


The most important part of the vinyl playing stereo is the cartridge and the speakers. The cartridge is the component that converts the physical groove of the record into an electrical signal.

The speakers then convert the electric signal to sound waves. One cannot work without the other, and they have a big role in the sonic performance of the stereo set up. Cheap or low-class turntables have fixed cartridges

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