Looking for a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) work? If you want to make your career in this field then this post is for you.

WCF is Microsoft’s programming framework for building service-oriented apps. It empowers designers to construct secure, dependable, executed arrangements that can be incorporated crosswise over stages and interoperate with existing. Using WCF, data can be send asynchronously from one endpoint to another. WCF is an open source .NET system utilized in making SOA administrations. The WCF interfaces with the server utilizing an endpoint and the correspondence occurs over SOAP, HTTP convention.

IF you are getting ready for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) interview, here we will help you for clearing it. In this blog we have mentioned wcf interview questions and answers, which are frequently asked during wcf interview. You would almost ready to answer these questions easily if you have read previously about this technology.

WCF Interview Questions and Answers

What is WCF?
Explain WCF Architecture and also explain its Fundamentals?
Why Should We Use WCF Service?
What are the features and advantage of WCF?
What is the difference between WCF and Web services?
Explain what is SOA? Are web-services SOA?
What is Service Contract in WCF?
What are Contracts in WCF? How many Contracts are in WPF?
What is Data Contract in WCF?
What is Message Contract in WCF?
What is Fault Contract in WCF?
What is End Points and how many types of End points?
What is Address in WCF?
What is Binding in WCF?What are the types of binding?
Explain transactions in WCF?
What are the possible ways of hosting a WCF service?
What is Self Hosting in WCF?
What are the main components of WCF Service?
How do we host a WCF service in IIS?
What is one-way operation?
Why we need One Way Service?
What is Transaction Propagation? And how WCF support it?
What is WCF throttling?
What is a Service Proxy in WCF?
What is WCF Concurrency and How many modes are of Concurrency in WCF?
What is REST and how to create a WCF RESTful Service ?
What is Exception Handling in WCF? What are the ways for WCF Exception Handling?
What is Tracing in WCF?
What are the Various Types of Bindings WCF Supports?
What is Instance Context Mode in WCF?
What is the KnownType Attribute in WCF?
How to create Basic HTTP Binding in WCF?
What is the difference between BasicHttpBinding and WsHttpBinding?
What is Security Implementation in WCF? How many are there?
What is Streaming in WCF?
What is SOA, and Messages in WCF?
What is Transport level security in WCF?
Explain briefly different Instance Modes in WCF?
What is MSMQ in WCF?
What is Method overloading in WCF?
What is WCF Messaging Layer?
Explain how does WCF works?
Mention what are the ways of hosting a WCF service?
Mention what are the different instance modes in WCF?
Name the namespace that is used to access WCF service?